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Buck Kick Return
A different type of return for high school teams.
Warrior 3-3 Stack
Nice high school defensive playbook for the 3-3 stack.
Florida Fun N Gun
2000 Steve Spurrier Fun N Gun playbook.
Utah Spread O
Urban Meyer spread offense at Utah.
Georgia S Veer 1
The powerful veer offense by Georgia Southern, part 1.
2002 Buckeyes
Ohis State 2002 multiple set offense that won them the #1 spot.
Georgia S Veer 2
The powerful veer offense by Georgia Southern, part 2.
Triple I Formation
High School triple I formation. Great three back offense.
Army Flexbone
Flexbone ran at the Army. They could not win with it.
Spread Option
Similar to the Flexbone but some spread as well.
Spread Wing T
The spread is being used in many ways. Now with the Wing T.
Wing T Offense
This playbook is a combination of the Wing T and Pistol offense.
Complete Spread
Nice playbook giving details of the spread offense for HS.
Pistol at HS Level
Nice presentation of the Pistol offense. Very good for HS.
Run N Shoot at GU
Georgetown Run N Shoot offense of old. Good for quick passing.
Flexbone By The AF
Air Force academy flexbone offense. They are good at it.
Wildcats 2003 O
The Kentucky Wildcats 2003 multiple set offense.
Northwestern Spread
Northwestern spread offense from 2000.
Pistol Concepts
The basic concepts of the Pistol Offense in powerpoint.
Georgia S Veer 4
The powerful veer offense by Georgia Southern, part 4.
Oregon Multiple Set
Oregon multiple set offense before the went to the spead.
WV Spread O
West Virginia spead offense. It is a awesome attack.
East Carolina M-Set
ECU multiple set offense. Nice running plays.
UCLA 2002 Pro I
The Bruins Pro I formation offense from 2002.
BG Spread
Bowling Green State spead offense under Urban Meyer.
The Thunder Veer
Split Back veer for high school football.
1995 BYU M-Set
BYU multiple set offense from 1995.
Georgia S Veer 3
The powerful veer offense by Georgia Southern, part 3.
U Of Georgia M-Set
University of Georgia multiple set offense. Strong I-formation.
The Pistol
Pretty good playbook for the Pistol offense at the HS level.
HS Multiple Veer
Nice high school playbook for the multiple veer offense.
I Option
Running the option from the I Formation.